Lekcja prowadzona przez Patricka Chapmana w liceum ogólnokształcącym. Dobiegniew, listopad 1995


During the period 1990-2001, some 1000 volunteers were deployed in Poland. They came here in fifteen groups of between 28 – 132 young people and their mission fell into three main categories: English language teaching, the promotion of small businesses and environmental protection. They worked within a framework of two-year contracts in various institutions, non-governmental organisations, town councils, national parks, museums, schools and in newly established language teacher training colleges – mostly in smaller towns.

Photo above: Lesson conducted by Patrick Chapman in Dobiegniew Comprehensive High School, November 1995 With courtesy of Patrick Chapman

Volonteers of the Program Teaching English as a Foreign Language worked in Poland in 10 groups from 1990 till 2001. Most of the volunteers worked in this Program – 670 people. Volunteers of the Program Small Business Development worked in Poland from October 1990 till March 1997 and the volonteers from the Program Environment were in Poland from November 1991 till June 2001.