4 June 1989 – first partly free parliamentary elections in post-war Poland won by representatives of the democratic opposition movement

July 1989 – during a visit to Budapest, the President of the United States of America announces that Peace Corps volunteers will arrive in Hungary and commence the first Peace Corps programme to be held in an East European country

September 1989 – the Polish Government contacts the American Peace Corps and registers its request for the help of volunteers

23 February 1990 – an agreement is signed between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the United States of America relating to an American Peace Corps programme in Poland

March 1990 – Peace Corps Office staff arrive in Warsaw

June 1990 – arrival in Poland of the first group of volunteers with their English language teaching programme

October 1990 – arrival of the first group of volunteers with a small business development programme

October 1991 – establishment of a Polish “Women in Development” Committee (women volunteers in this program organised conferences, camps and workshops aimed at helping women to resolve problems relating, among others, to choice, planning and realisation of a career, and to health matters)

November 1991 – arrival of first group of volunteers on the environmental protection programme

January 1992 – grant of approximately 1.2 million dollars from the Liberty Bell Foundation (financed privately by Edward Piszek, an American of Polish origin) for the English language teaching programme

August 1997 – first Peace Corps Camp GLOW “Girls Leading our World” organised by women volunteers in Wojsławice for girls aged 16-19, focusing among others on self development and establishment of self-esteem

May 1998 – the number of volunteers in Eastern and Central Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union (Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the Ukraine) reaches 900

June 2000 – World Forum on Democracy discusses volunteer work, co-organised and co-financed by the Peace Corps in Poland

June 2001 – the final (15th) group of volunteers leaves Poland; the American Peace Corps winds up its mission in Poland